Current Coblentz President’s Message

August 2021

As we move into August and closer to SciX, the rebranding effort as well as the membership campaign for the Society continues.  The new booth design is finalized and since I am a lot closer to the SciX venue than Mary, the booth is going to be delivered to my garage in a few weeks.  It will be one of my final jobs as president to check the booth and transport it to the conference! As I said last month, we will have new t-shirts, but we have been slower on the polo shirts and will not have them at the conference.  We will, however, be taking orders.  It made more sense. 

Feedback on the membership campaign is good and we seem to be raising the Society profile by ads on social media and YouTube. 

The Society has run Speed Mentoring for several years at SciX and will be doing it again.  Please look for the invitation to participate from Jim Rydzak and help to both get the word out about the activity. 

Fay Nicholson, a Coblentz member and the lead on the Early Career Initiative for SAS, has organized a mentoring webinar in collaboration with Spectroscopy Magazine.  The webinar will take place on September 14 at 11AM EDT and will focus on how to grow and manage mentor relationships.  I would encourage members to attend since it will teach best practices and would be useful for those who mentor as well as those who want to work with a mentor.  Click here for more details and to register.

As I type this, I realized that the Society has been benefitting from help from our members who are associated with publishing vehicles.  So, a thank you to both Jenny Cossham (Wiley) and Laura Bush (MJH Life Sciences) for their efforts.

On the topic of what else our members are doing, Alexander Rzhevskii recently authored “Modern Raman Microscopy: Techniques and Practices”, published by Cambridge Scholars Press.  Our members are active in the publishing world.  The two volume “Portable Spectroscopy and Spectrometry” edited by Richard Crocombe, Brooke Kammrath, and Pauline Leary has been mentioned in a few of the recent newsletters.  If you know of something recently published by one of our members, please let us know so we can recognize them.

As I asked last month, please let us know what you are doing so that we can promote the activities of our members on the new site and in our social media channels.

So, until next month when (hopefully) we will be discussing the new booth and SciX, have a good rest of the summer.

Ellen Miseo

President of the Coblentz Society