Current Coblentz President’s Message

June 2021

It is here!

As you might have noticed, the new website went live during the week of June 7th.  I hope that all the members feel that it is an improvement over the old site.

An enormous thank you to Mary Carrabba for all the hard work she put into it.

I think we both feel it has been fun and definitely useful, but one of the things it has pointed out to me is that we need two things going forward.  We need new content, and we need to maintain the site. Anyone interested in helping with either of these efforts should contact Mary and me.

Coupled with the new website, we will be launching a new member drive with help from the marketing firm.  We will be placing ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to drive new members to our website where we showcase the member benefits and value of the Society.  Look for those ads.

In member news, our Board Member, Peter Larkin, is running for President of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy.  In my opinion, electing Peter to the position will be beneficial to the Coblentz Society.  We are both a technical section and an affiliated Society to SAS; we represent the largest single group of members in SAS.  Peter understands the needs of all spectroscopists, the needs of both Societies, and is committed to having SAS operate with best practices.

Our members are busy and active in the spectroscopy community.  As I had mentioned last month, Wiley is producing a series of webinars revolving around the contents of the two-volume set on Portable Spectroscopy edited by Richard Crocombe, Pauline Leary, and Brooke Kammrath.

Jim de Haseth is working with another arm of Wiley and will be presenting educational webinars on June 21 to June 24 on searching vibrational spectra and going beyond a simple hit. 

Society members have contributed courses to the educational efforts at both SciX, EAS and (although not yet accepted) Pittcon. Help us support these educational efforts by pointing out that the courses will be quality courses and attendees will get a lot out of them.

As I mentioned last month, SciX is still planning an in-person meeting and Coblentz is still committed to significant participation.  I will reiterate that if you are thinking about going to the conference and are concerned about the expense of the conference in Providence, don’t forget that the Society has both travel grants and dependent care grants available.  These are meant to defray the cost of attending a conference that will enhance your career. And they are not only for those submitting papers.  One of the best ways to be involved in the community is to attend conferences and this will provide support to attend.

Finally – as I mentioned last month, membership renewals are slightly down, probably from the fact that there has not been a live conference since Pittcon 2020.  It is easy to renew on the website and if you have forgotten your password, it is easy to reset it (unlike SAS) and Mary is willing to help anyone who is really stuck.  Your participation in the Society is making the efforts in education possible.

Ellen Miseo

President of the Coblentz Society