Current Coblentz President’s Message

July 2022

Happy Sort-of-Normal Summer

As past president, I am writing this brief note on what is happening since our President is away.

Very slowly, it does look like life is getting back to normal.  Last week IR Courses, an affiliate of the Coblentz Society, ran the infrared and Raman interpretation course that has been taught almost continuously since the 1950s and has been taught at Bowdoin College since 1972.  It was a success and James de Haseth, one of the lead instructors, told me yesterday that all the participants said they got more out of the class than they expected.  Actually, that is the usual response because the class is so thorough.

Vibrational spectroscopy will be highlighted at EAS with Rohit Bhargava receiving the NY/NJ SAS Gold Medal and Richard Crocombe receiving the EAS Outstanding Achievements in Vibrational Spectroscopy Award.  The Coblentz Society is one of the sponsoring societies for EAS and our members are busy planning spectroscopy sessions.

SciX planning is continuing. The Society will have our booth, participate in the conference, and may have something new for our members. So, stop by the booth, say hello, and ask what is new.

Pittcon will be in Philadelphia in 2023 (lucky east coast members) and the Society will be again producing vibrational spectroscopy classes that will be offered at the conference.

Even though we are getting back to normal, virtual events are now part of the normal.  The Society is working withSpectroscopy Magazine and SAS to produce a joint virtual conference 

Molecular Spectroscopy in Practice:  Investigating Problems in Industry and Beyond.  The conference will be held on July 27 and 28, 2022. The focus will be on industrial problem solving and talks will cover a diverse set of applications.  Click for more information and free registration.  More information follows later in the newsletter.

Finally, an appeal to our members.  Mary and I are the ones keeping the website current.  Please let us know of events that interest the members, new educational resources we should highlight or a major achievement of our members.  Let us know when you publish something and, with enough contributions, perhaps we can make it a regular column.  For example, long-time member Richard Crocombe recently published an Industry Insight column in Photonics Spectra titled “The Ever-Shrinking Optical Spectrometer Enhances Consumer Goods.”  And, last but not least, don’t forget the Job Board>.  It is targeted and will get you to the vibrational spectroscopists, unlike the generic boards.  It benefits both our regular and student members!

Contributed by Past-President Ellen Miseo