Coblentz Society Newsletters

The Coblentz Society has been producing newsletters regularly since 1955. Current and archived copies are available here. 

Submit an Article to the Newsletter

We welcome submissions from members regarding insightful discussions at conferences, or those pointing out unresolved topics of general interest where community feedback would be beneficial.

Even if it is just a short paragraph about conference sessions or a single contributed photo, we warmly welcome all contributed articles and comments to the Newsletter and the Coblentz LinkedIn site.

For inclusion of photographs and stories, please send them to the Society’s office manager at


The May 1974 issue was the first one formatted with two columns and the more modern Coblentz heading.

Note: All newsletters older than No. 124 have been scanned in from either original paper mailings or photocopies. The PDF files available here are not at the highest possible resolution, but most artifacts present in the PDF files are also artifacts on the initial paper copies. For higher resolution images of any page in the scanned articles below, contact Francis Esmonde-White (

Coblentz Society Newsletter Archives


The Coblentz Society Newsletter originated as the Coblentz Society Mailings, which were numbered sequentially. The August 1967 issue was the first one called the Coblentz Society Newsletter. 

Early Coblentz Newsletters