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Dr. Ishan Barman

2024 Williams-Wright Award Winner

The 2024 Williams-Wright Award winner is Dr. Jun Zhao, who has devoted his entire career to the advancement of Raman spectroscopy instrumentation and methods.  He is currently the Director of Engineering at Metrohm Spectro, Inc. Learn more.

Alexis Weber

2023 Fateley Award Winner

The Society has announced that the 2023 William G. Fateley Award winner is Alexis Weber, a Ph.D. candidate within the Chemistry Department at the University at Albany, SUNY.  Learn more.

2023 Coblentz Student Award Winners

2023 Coblentz Student Winners

Sevde Erkok, Aleksandr Razumtcev, Daniel Schäfer, Thulay Chakkumpulakkai, and Danuta Liberda are the winners of the 2023 Coblentz Society Student Awards.  Learn more.

Dr. Ishan Barman

2023 Craver Award Winner

The 2023 Craver Award winner is Ishan Barman, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University with joint appointments in Oncology and Radiology.  He has gained recent attention for real-time, multiplexed detection of viruses in saliva.  Learn more.

Professor Dr. Wei Xiong

2023 Coblentz Award Winner

The 2023 Coblentz Award winner is Wei Xiong, Professor and Kent Wilson Faculty Scholar in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Xiong pioneered the field of molecular polaritonics.  Learn more.

Peter Griffiths

2023 Lippincott Award Winner

The 2023 Ellis R. Lippincott Award will be presented to Peter R. Griffiths, Professor and Chair Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, University of Idaho, at SciX 2023. He is recognized for unique achievements and significant contributions to vibrational spectroscopy. Learn more.

Photonics Spectra Spectroscopy Conference

Discover New & Evolving Trends

View the Photonics Media Spectroscopy conference and learn about evolving trends and applications in spectroscopy. Register or login to watch. Learn more.

Coblentz Society Sponsor Program

Coblentz Society Sponsors

The Society has launched a corporate Sponsor program. If you are interested in gaining the benefits of the sponsorship, please contact for more information.

Coblentz Society T-shirts

Coblentz Society T-shirts!

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