Coblentz Mentor Program

Scientists to Scientists

We’re happy to advise anyone whose interest is in the interaction of light with matter.

Conferences are not only places where you learn about your research area but also where you meet many people in the field. Thanks to the speed mentoring program, the Coblentz Society gives you a great chance to initiate this networking opportunity. At SciX 2022, I met with a forensic chemist who works at the FDA, and our research methodologies were very similar. During the whole year, I was in contact with him and his colleague. Thanks to their mentoring and feedback, my labmate was able to finish his experiments and graduate. They invited me to their lab so that I could finish the last part of my PhD studies. I visited the FDA lab and did a volunteer internship. Also, I am about to publish a paper with his colleague after our collaboration. In short, that 5 minutes at the speed mentoring program resulted in three different great conclusions. Thank you so much to everyone included in this organization.

– Sevde Dogruer Erkok, PhD Candidate

Get the Most out of Mentoring

Register for Effective Career Development through Successful Mentor and Network Relationships. This webinar teachs attendees how to grow and self-manage their professional network, as well as manage mentor relationships. Learn the do’s and don’ts for success. Register here for the recording. This webinar was co-sponsored by the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, organized by Coblentz member Fay Nicolson, and produced by Spectroscopy magazine.

Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring (Virtual)


Mentor Opportunities Offered by Coblentz

Interested in a mentor opportunity with a Coblentz Society member? Join us at spectroscopy conferences for mentoring events and consider becoming a member of the Coblentz Society yourself.

Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring is a fun, fast-paced session that enables a structured interaction between young spectroscopists and chemists and a dozen or more spectroscopists and chemists from various industries, academia, and government labs.

The interactions enable the mentees to get an understanding of what it’s like to work in those different areas.

Next Event: SciX October 2024

One-on-One Mentoring

Mentoring relationships developed during speed mentoring or panel mentoring can take the next step. One-on-One Mentoring allows the mentee to focus in on specific career paths. Mentor and mentee can communicate in-person or electronically. The Coblentz Society can also help match a mentor and mentee outside of conference events.

Panel Mentoring

In Panel Mentoring, a panel of spectroscopists and chemists from various industries and government labs are introduced and give backgrounds of their expertise to enable the mentees to get an understanding of what it’s like to work in those areas. Mentees can ask questions of the panel and gain perspective about the various industries.

“I had contacted you to let you know how much I valued the speed mentoring program. Three different people gave me the same advice, that young women, in general, absolutely need to be more assertive and ask questions without fear of looking bossy. I took that advice to heart. So, I asked two questions at the next talk I went to. The speaker’s PI was in the audience and liked my questions. I was invited to dinner with the group to network and I was offered a post-doc position. I wouldn’t have spoken up if it wasn’t for those mentors.”

Participant in the Speed Mentoring Program at SciX 2020

Coblentz Society

Get a Mentor

  1. Join the Coblentz  Society.
  2. In your member profile, answer the Mentorship Program Questions.
  3. Attend conferences and meet other members and/or contact to arrange a match.

Become a Mentor

  1. Assuming you are a member of the Coblentz Society, answer the Mentorship Program Questions in your member profile.
  2. Volunteer to participate in Panel Mentoring and Speed Mentoring at conferences.