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Spectral Collections

Coblentz Society Spectral Collection Hardcover & Digital Books

The Society has assembled and distributes the Coblentz spectral collections, including a desk book of IR spectra, as well as collections of halogenated hydrocarbons, plasticizers and other additives, gases and vapors, and regulated and major industrial chemicals.

These spectra were collected and donated to the Society by several research groups to further the aims of the Society. In particular, Clara Craver was instrumental in developing this collection. Revenue from the spectral collections is used to support the Society’s aims.


The collection, although developed many years ago, remains a valuable resource for infrared spectroscopists, as it includes spectra from a variety of unique compounds that are only available here.  All five books listed below are available for purchase at the Society’s online store.

DESK BOOK of Infrared Spectra
Infrared Spectra of GASES and VAPORS

Spectroscopy Software Discount

Peak Spectroscopy Software is offering a 50% discount to Coblentz members for their software!

As many of you know, Peaks is the next version of eFTIR, with a re-branded name.  eFTIR is a legacy product now, still supported and maintained, but all new development is going into Peaks. For more details on the product, please visit Email to request the discount.

PEAK Spectroscopy Software logo
ADC Labs Screen Capture

Spectral Collections – ACD/UV-IR Manager Database Format

The Coblentz Society Special Collection of over 9500 IR spectra were digitized by NIST and converted to the ACD/UV-IR Manager database format allowing electronic spectral, chemical structure, and text searches, as well as providing capabilities to process, analyze, and interpret vibrational patterns.

No spectroscopy is more relevant than your own. The ability to easily manage your spectral results and interpret them in the context of high quality Coblentz reference spectra means that it is easier than ever to find what you need.

This spectral data collection provides practicing spectroscopists, teachers, and students with a general IR reference of very wide scope and capability. In details, this database collects in one place standard organic compounds, as well as halogenated hydrocarbons, plasticizers, additives, gases, vapors, regulated, and major industrial chemicals.

The Coblentz Society is dedicated to fostering the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopy. ACD/Labs is committed to offering software that captures and integrates chemical and spectroscopic understanding in an intuitive way.

For information or pricing on the Coblentz Society Spectra Collection for ACD/Labs, use this form.