Travel Grants & Scholarships

The Coblentz Society is committed to fostering the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopy and the professional development of scientists practicing in this area.  To further these aims, the Society has three grants designed to assist students and early-career professionals.

Spectroscopy Conference Grants

Travel grants to assist in defraying the cost of travel to one of the conferences where the Coblentz Society is an active participant.  These include Pittcon, SciX, EAS, ICAVS and ISMS. The travel grants will be awarded based on participation in the scientific community as well as presentations of research at the conference.  Travel grants are intended to assist early-career professionals.

Childcare grants are designed to assist parents, especially when both parents are involved in the scientific community, by defraying childcare costs either provided through a conference or provided at the applicant’s home to allow parents to attend one of the designated conferences.  Childcare grants are available to both students and early-career professionals.

Application Deadlines:   January 15 for Pittcon; March 15 for Spring SciX, ISMS, ICORS, ICAVS; August 15 for SciX and EAS.

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Scholarships For The Study Of Spectroscopy

Scholarships are offered to help defray part of the tuition costs for courses offered by Infrared & Raman Courses, Inc.  These courses are Coblentz-affiliated activities and have been presented annually for over 50 years, historically at MIT and Bowdoin College. The aim of the courses is to provide a rigorous foundation for interpretation of vibrational spectra.

Application Deadline: May 1

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How To Apply For The Grants And Scholarships

Applications for these grants can be obtained from the Society by contacting  Remember travel grants are for early-career professionals only. We encourage those who are interested to apply soon; applications for SciX and EAS must be received by August 15.