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The Coblentz Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1954. Its purpose is to foster the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopy.

Who is the Coblentz Society and what do we do?

We are chemists, scientists, engineers – all spectroscopists. Our aim is to help each other stay up to date on the latest developments in vibrational spectroscopy. Vibrational spectroscopy encompasses infrared (FT-IR), Raman, and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopies.  We share knowledge and experience, peer to peer and older generation to younger.

The Coblentz Society is very active at scientific conferences and presents several achievement awards each year.

News, Happenings & Events

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Thulya Chakkumpulakkal Puthanveettil,

2024 Fateley Award Winner

The Society has announced that the 2024 William G. Fateley Award winner is Thulya Chakkumpulakkal Puthan Veettil, who is pursuing a joint PhD degree in analytical chemistry from Monash University, Australia, and the University of Bath, United Kingdom.  Learn more.

2024 Coblentz Society Student Award Winners

2024 Coblentz Student Winners

Arnaud Laramee, Polly Lynch, Riley Alpuché, Piyush Raj, and Mireia Sainz-Menchon are the winners of the 2024 Coblentz Society Student Awards.  Learn more.

IR & Raman Courses spectral interpretation, sampling and instrumentation

Scholarship Awarded

The Coblentz Society is pleased to announce that James Harvie of has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship for the course “Interpretation of Infrared and Raman Spectra” scheduled to be held the first week of July in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. James is a graduate student at the Royal Danish Academy in Denmark. Congratulations, James! Check out the 2024 schedule of courses online.

Coblentz Society Honors & Awards

Craver Award • Coblentz Award • Williams-Wright Award • Ellis R. Lippincott Award • Coblentz Student Awards and William G. Fateley Award

Read about all the awards the Coblentz Society presents, including how to nominate and when the nominations are due.


Check Out Volunteer Opportunities

There are multiple volunteer opportunities for this year’s events whether virtual or in-person. Visit the Events page on the member’s site for complete details and to sign up. 

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Donate to the Coblentz Society

Donations are used to support many activities including:

  • Conference sessions at scientific meetings including Pittcon, ISMS (International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy), SciX which is also the annual meeting of the Coblentz Society, ICAVS (International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy), and EAS (Eastern Analytical Symposium)
  • Awards to recognize and promote scientific excellence
  • Networking and social events
  • Outreach to the scientific community, particularly younger scientists

Our Sponsors

The Coblentz Society is supported by a number of organizations. This support comes in many forms, including sponsorship of member events. 

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