2017.12.31 Press Release for Creation of SHS

posted Dec 31, 2017, 4:54 PM by Fred Haibach   [ updated May 14, 2018, 12:05 PM by Francis Esmonde-White ]

Coblentz Society and SAS Partner to Aid Research in Puerto Rico

Boston, MA December 22, 2017

For Immediate Release

Contact: helping.spectroscopists@gmail.com

The Coblentz Society and the Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS) have partnered to form “Spectroscopists Helping Spectroscopists” an all-volunteer charitable network to aid ongoing research interrupted by the infrastructure devastation of Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017.  The network will connect researchers and their students to resources across the United States to prevent long-term disruption to education and scientific and engineering economic resources in Puerto Rico.  The network launches today with companies and individuals already committing.  Donations and grant requests can be made at http://www.coblentz.org/spectroscopists-helping-spectroscopists.

At the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Department of Chemistry alone, approximately 100 undergraduate students, 50 graduate students and 38 professors have had to halt classes and research due to power outages at the university and within the community.  Impacts have been similar in other academic departments and in industry across Puerto Rico. The research infrastructure will be difficult to rebuild.  Due to two months without power, expensive research instrumentation has been destroyed and mold has grown in the laboratories.  While the instrumentation is covered by insurance and the laboratory spaces can be remediated, the real loss is the time for students to complete their educations and for scientists to complete their research.

Using donations, Spectroscopists Helping Spectroscopists will fund students from Puerto Rico traveling to functioning laboratories to complete planned experiments. Access to research equipment will help keep those research projects on track at minimal cost. The network will also connect our Puerto Rican colleagues to other private and public resources to cope with this disaster.  We are not providing disaster relief; we are enabling self-help.

The Coblentz Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1954. Its purpose is to foster the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopy. The Coblentz Society is a technical affiliate of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS).

The Society for Applied Spectroscopy is a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information related to spectroscopy. In business for over 50 years, the Society is committed to education and to providing quality benefits to members worldwide. We are pleased to be the publishers of the internationally recognized, peer reviewed journal Applied Spectroscopy.

Science is a team effort.  Scientists help scientists in a variety of ways. Usually it consists of consultation on research or asking for advice.  Since this is the regular course of the scientific endeavor, we don’t normally recognize how much we help each other.  The Society for Applied Spectroscopy is pleased to be part of the team that enables our colleagues to get back on to the path of productive science.
Ellen Miseo, past president SAS

“The Coblentz Society is pleased to support the spectroscopy research provided by the scientists and researchers of Puerto Rico.  Their contribution to science, productivity and initiative are impressive.  The Coblentz Society is looking forward to cooperating with other scientific organizations to help Puerto Rico’s scientific community recover.”
Fred Haibach, board member of the Coblentz Society

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Spectroscopists Helping Spectroscopists
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