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We have completed this campaign and, although the situation is not back to where it was in August of 2017, the students and researchers have facilities and equipment to continue their work.  We thank everyone who helped by offering lab space, repairing instruments, providing publicity, donating funds, and housing students.  Your generosity has helped enormously and has shown the support of the spectroscopy community for its members.

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It is time for our community to act and support our colleagues.  We need your help. 

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Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, but minimally affected the research laboratories due preventative measures.  It is the subsequent infrastructure failure that destroyed instrumentation and resulted in condemned laboratories.  Professor Sam Hernandez-Rivera described what happened to his laboratory.
Science is a community effort, so we must now come together to solve this problem. That’s why the spectroscopy community, led by the Coblentz Society and the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, is rallying a volunteer effort to support our colleagues. This support can be provided in various forms: 
Through monetary donations we will fund students from Puerto Rico to travel to functioning labs, where access to equipment will help keep those research projects on track. Financial support can be donated at the Society for Applied Spectroscopy Measure Venture site. Volunteers can offer their facilities, time, and expertise—including opportunities for Puerto Rican students to come to your lab.

We are also seeking support from instrument vendors who can donate replacement equipment or donate the time and expertise of staff who can repair or service damaged equipment. Already two companies have donated services to help get this program off the ground. More such donations can be made by using the donation form below.

We will also facilitate and organize creative solutions to help our colleagues cope with this disaster. If you have ideas, please use the donation form.

Without this support, students will return to their communities with unfinished educations and their future prospects will be stunted. We are not seeking to provide disaster relief; we are enabling self-help. 

Consider donating now. 

How can you help?

Financially via SAS or Coblentz

The simplest way to contribute is to make a financial donation through the Coblentz Society financial donation form and the Society for Applied Spectroscopy crowdfunding portal Measure Venture.  Both methods for contributing goes to non-profit 501(c)(3) accounts.  501(c)(3) certification is available on request.

With your efforts:

Contributing expertise, time, equipment, laboratory space, housing and even ideas are all helpful.  Please fill in the donor form with your contact information and indicate your ability to contribute.  One of the volunteer team will contact you soon.

Do you need help?

Please fill in the grant application form and one of our volunteer team will reach out to you to start the process.

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