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Newsletter Submissions

    We would like to begin a new phase in the Coblentz Newsletter, by introducing personal perspectives from Society members. Of particular interest are photos and anecdotal stories from conferences and member gatherings throughout the year. While as Editors we wish that we could be at every conference, that is simply not possible. We think that a key aspect of better representing society activities throughout the year is through member submissions to the Newsletter. In addition, we welcome submissions from members regarding insightful discussions at conferences, or those pointing out unresolved topics of general interest where community feedback would be beneficial. For inclusion of photographs and stories, please send them to the Society's office manager at

   We will also begin a “Lab Tips & Tricks” column in the Newsletter. It will provide a forum in which methodology, procedures, and helpful experimental information can be shared, particularly for procedures not appropriate for a full manuscript. We anticipate submissions that are one paragraph to one half page in length, though the precise format has not yet been fixed. Please note that submissions should not be commercially oriented, and any submissions deemed as product-placement will not be accepted. To contribute a submission to the Lab Tips & Tricks column, please submit the text please to the Society's office manager at We will work with you to revise the text and view the proofs prior to publication (via email & telephone).

   Unfortunately, we can’t accomplish these aims without feedback from society members! Even if it is just a short paragraph about conference sessions or a single contributed photo, we warmly welcome all contributed articles and comments to the Newsletter and the Coblentz LinkedIn site.

   Comments regarding the newsletter are also welcomed here.