Infrared and Raman Courses

Upcoming courses for 2019 are:

   Each course consists of 17 hours of lectures and 9 hours of exercises.  The course is designed to present a strategy to determine chemical structure from both infrared and Raman spectra.  The strategy has been developed over more than fifty years and has been presented to several thousand chemists, biochemists, forensic scientists, and engineers.

    The exercise sessions are tied closely to the lectures and are used to reinforce the strategy.  The lecture staff is available to assist participants during the exercise sessions.  Participants work in small groups to solve the problems in a "learn by doing" environment.

    The goal is to teach correct band assignments and how to use multiple spectral bands and features to determine correct chemical structures.  The objective is not to try to memorize lists of band positions, but rather to see patterns in the spectra and work in a logical fashion to elucidate functional groups and judge the certainty of the assignments.

Affiliation with the Coblentz Society

    The Coblentz Society was founded in 1954 and has as its purpose "to foster the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopy". For many years the Coblentz Society offered training courses for those new to vibrational spectroscopy.

    In 2006 the Coblentz Society formalized a long-standing relationship with Infrared and Raman Courses. Infrared and Raman Courses, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, is now affiliated with the Society. This relationship stems from the founding purpose of the Society and the purpose of Infrared and Raman Courses, namely to "provide continuing education resources for vibrational spectroscopy." The Coblentz Society sponsors the Lord lecture held at the annual US course.

Other courses can be custom configured for user groups, such as, on-site corporate or government agency courses.    Please contact James de Haseth at for further information.