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Coblentz Society Milestones

1953 Columbus Committee is formed at Ohio State Symposium to investigate formation of “The Infrared Society”. Committee  consists of Drs. Howard Cary, Bryce Crawford, R. A. Oetjen, Eugene Rosenbaum, Van Zandt Williams, and Norman Wright.

The Coblentz Society is formally announced, complete with an executive committee and written by-laws. Society is named after William Weber Coblentz. The objective of the society is: “To foster the understanding and application of infrared spectroscopy”

Program of collecting, compiling, and selling spectra contributed from members is proposed on the basis of membership surveys initiated in 1954.

Program was initiated to publish quantitative infrared methods through Analytical Chemistry, which was latter transferred to Applied Spectroscopy. This program was supervised by A. Lee Smith.

Over 2000 spectra are collected by Clara Craver, and first set of 1000 spectra are published.

Dr. Ellis R. Lippincott testifies that an infrared spectrum is a characteristic of a material for patent purposes.

Society and the Perkin Elmer Corporation republish the monumental work of W. W. Coblentz.

The Coblentz  Award is established to honor the memory of Dr. William Weber Coblentz and his pioneering contributions to infrared spectroscopy.

Coblentz Society is contracted by the National Bureau of Standards to write specifications for the evaluation of infrared spectra as part of the National Standard Data Reference Program initiated in 1963.

The Lippincott Medal is established to honor the contributions of Dr. Ellis R. Lippincott to molecular spectroscopy. The award is sponsored jointly by the Coblentz Society and the Optical Society of America.

Spectrum publication program reaches 10,500 spectra, some of which are sold in five special collections. All 10,500 spectra are available in 32 loose leaf volumes.

The Bomem-Michelson Award is established to honor the contributions of  Dr. Albert A. Michelson to infrared spectroscopy. The award is administered by the society.

1991 The Society and the National Institute of Standards and Technology enter into an agreement to complete the digitization of the Coblentz Spectral Library, which soon becomes available on CD.