Education and Outreach

The aims of the Coblentz Society include promoting the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopy. Part of that mission is providing educational resources so that students and professional spectroscopists can enhance their understanding and keep up with new developments.

The Society has assembled and distributes the Coblentz spectral collections, including a deskbook about IR spectra, as well as Infrared Spectra of halogenated hydrocarbons, plasticizers and other additives, gases and vapors, and regulated and major industrial chemicals. Click here to learn more about the spectral collections.

Other spectral resources on the web are listed under links to other spectral collections.

A number of research webcasts related to spectroscopy are assembled on our page of science webcasts.

Spectral interpretation classes are offered each year through Infrared & Raman Courses, Inc.  to train professionals in IR spectroscopy.

Other vibrational spectroscopy courses are often taught by Society members at scientific conferences.