The ABB Sponsored Bomem-Michelson Award

ABB has recently announced that after 31 years of the running of this very prestigious and successful award the time has come to draw an end to the Bomem-Michelson award.  No further nominations are being solicited at this time.  The Coblentz Society is in discussions to startup a similar award under new sponsorship.

2017 Award Recipient

Keith Nelson received the 2017 Bomem-Michelson Award at Pittcon in Chicago.  Keith
Nelson received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University in 1981, and after a postdoctoral stint at UCLA he joined the faculty at MIT in 1982. He has worked on discovery of new light-matter interactions and their exploitation for spectroscopy and control of coherent acoustic waves, lattice and molecular vibrations, excitons, spins, and their admixtures with light. He has developed novel methods for study of solid-state chemical reactions, crystals near phase transitions, glass-forming liquids, electronic excited-state dynamics, thermal transport, and matter far from equilibrium. He has pioneered tabletop generation of strong terahertz-frequency fields and nonlinear terahertz spectroscopy.


    This award was dedicated to the memory of Professor A. A. Michelson, developer of the Michelson interferometer.  ABB sponsored the award for 31 years (1987-2017)to honor scientists who advanced the technique(s) of vibrational, molecular, Raman, or electronic spectroscopy.  Contributions may have been theoretical, experimental, or both.  The recipient must have been actively working and at least 37 years of age.  To ensure that the award was based on an independent evaluation of the candidate’s achievements, the selection was made by a committee chosen by the Coblentz Society.   The Award was presented each year at the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, and consisted of a crystal symbol of the Bomem–Michelson award and an honorarium. The ABB sponsored Bomem-Michelson Award Symposium was held in honor of the awardee and immediately followed the presentation.

Recipients of the Bomem-Michelson Award are listed below:
  2017 Keith Nelson
  2016 Saul Mukamel
  2015 David Jonas
  2014 Yuki Ozaki
  2013 Brooks Pate
  2012 Joel Harris
  2011 Isao Noda
  2010  Richard Van Duyne 
  2009 Martin Quack
  2008 Geraldine Richmond
  2007 David F. Bocian
  2006 Robert W. Field
  2005 Paul Bohn
  2004 Dave Haaland
  2003 Peter Griffiths
  2002 Dan Nevmark
  2001 Larry Nafie
  2000 John F. Rabolt
  1999 Sandy Asher
  1998 Bruce Chase
  1997 William H. Woodruff
  1996 Ira W. Levin
  1995 Terry A. Miller
  1994 Herbert L. Strauss
  1993 Jack L. Koenig
  1992 Jyrki Kauppinen
  1991 Alan Pine
  1990 William Klemperer
  1989 Richard Saykally
 1988No Award Presented
  1987 W. Carl Linberger
  1986 Thomas G. Spiro