Coblentz Student Awards

2019 Coblentz Student Awardee

Nicole Ralbovsky, University at Albany, SUNY, Professor Igor K. Lednev
Nicole Ralbovsky is a third-year doctoral candidate in Dr. Igor K. Lednev’s laboratory at the University at Albany, SUNY. Her research focuses on developing a novel method for medical diagnostics using Raman hyperspectroscopy in combination with advanced statistical analysis. Nicole has had great success in developing the method and has published an article in Biophotonics magazine describing the methodology. Specifically, Nicole was able to apply the method for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease through investigation of saliva, achieving over 99% accuracy. Nicole has extended her research efforts toward diagnosing Celiac disease, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, and Lyme disease. Nicole has two first-author manuscripts published and has recently submitted two additional manuscripts. The advantage of her developed methodology resides in the ability to definitively, quickly, and accurately make a diagnosis in a cost-effective and non-invasive manner – thus providing a huge advantage over current diagnostic procedures. Nicole received a grant from the State University of New York Technology Accelerator Fund to pursue this research.

In addition to the progress she has made regarding her research, Nicole has also maintained an overall 4.0 GPA and was the two-time recipient of SUNY Albany’s Harry L. Frisch Memorial scholarship in Chemistry as a result of her academic achievements. Nicole was an invited speaker at Pittcon 2019 where she discussed her research on medical diagnostics and has also been the recipient of multiple travel awards, including five awards presented to her by SUNY Albany and one sponsored by SCIEX to attend the 2019 International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis. What’s more, Nicole has demonstrated her ability to successfully balance her academic career with community outreach and volunteerism; she spends time participating in SUNY Albany’s Graduate Student Club for Chemistry, where she is the secretary, is involved in SUNY Albany’s Graduate Student Association, volunteers with the Alzheimer’s Association, and spends many weekends throughout the year at her local church, volunteering with various projects and fundraisers.

Call for the 2020 Coblentz Student Awards and William G. Fateley Award

    The Coblentz Society has for many years encouraged young scientists to pursue studies in spectroscopy by seeking nominations of outstanding students for the Coblentz Student Awards. The awardees receive a copy of the Society's Desk Book, a certificate, and a year's membership in the Society. 

    The three leading graduate students selected by the Coblentz Award committee will automatically become candidates for the William G. Fateley student award that includes a plaque and a cash prize. No separate nomination for the Fateley award is required.

    The nominations window for Coblentz Student Awards closes February 15, 2020.  

    Nominations should be sent to the Chair of the Student Affairs committee at  

    Graduate or undergraduate students who have shown excellence in vibrational spectroscopy research and/or coursework including vibrational spectroscopy may be nominated. The nominator must be a member of the Coblentz Society (to become a member contact the Society Office or complete the online membership application).  

Requirements for a complete nomination:

  1. Curriculum Vitae of the nominee.  
  2. Biographical statement (300 words)
  3. One (1) letter of nomination from the supervisor 
  4. One (1) additional letter of recommendation 
  5. Abstract for a presentation at SciX 2020. 
    In previous years, all awardees were featured by having a photograph and a short bio in the SciX Final program. All awardees who attend SciX 2020 will be acknowledged in person at a presentation during the poster session on Sunday evening by the Coblentz Society president.

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