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Honorary Members

The most recent Honorary Member of the Society were recognized in 2013.  At that time the Board of Managers of the Coblentz Society elected two new Honorary Members, Charles H. Townes (inventor of the maser), and James W. Cooley (co-developer of the Cooley–Tukey FFT algorithm). Modern vibrational spectroscopy relies heavily on the developments by these two pioneers. 

The Society's By-Laws state the following with regards to Honorary Members "The Board of Management at its discretion, and by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Managers, may elect as Honorary Members of the Society individuals who are deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the field of vibrational spectroscopy or to any other field related to the purposes of the Society."
Nominations are solicited for Honorary Membership in the Society for consideration in 2018. Please send nominations to the Coblentz Society president.

Honorary Members of The Coblentz Society

  *Charles H. Townes (2013)
  *James W. Cooley (2013)
  David M. Haaland,  Sandia National Laboratories (2012)
  Laurence A. Nafie,  Syracuse University (2012)
  D. Bruce Chase,  University of Delaware/DuPont  (2011)
  Kathy Kalasinsky,  National Institutes of Health  (2011)
  Dave Schiering,  Smiths Detection  (2011)
  Kathleen Dittman,  Miami University of Ohio (2011)
  Ira Levin,  National Institutes of Health  (2011)
  Peter R. Griffiths,  University of Idaho (2011)
  James de Haseth,  University of Georgia  (2011)
  *Dana Mayo,  Bowdoin College (2011)

Samuel Krimm,  University of Michigan  (1996)
  James R. Durig,  University of Missouri-Kansas City  (1996)
  Robert W. Hannah,  Perkin-Elmer Corp.  (1992)
  *Richard A. Nyquist,  Dow Chemical Co.  (1991)
  *Clara D. Craver,  Craver Chemical Consultants  (1991)
  John R. Ferraro,  Argonne National Laboratory  (1990)
  A. Lee Smith,  Dow Corning Corp.  (1989)
  *Gerhard Herzberg,  National Research Council, Canada  (1989)
  Jeanette G. Grasselli,  Ohio University  (1989)

*Foil A. Miller,  University of Pittsburgh  (1988)
  *Richard C. Lord,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (1987)
*William G. Fateley,  Kansas State University  (1987)
*Norman Wright,  Dow Chemical Co.  (1976)
  *William W. Coblentz,  National Bureau of Standards  (1959)

            (* deceased)